Computational mechanics Experts from Beijing University Visited CRSRI for Academic Exchange
[ Source:CRSRI   Author:Xu Dongdong

On September 5th, 2016, Prof. Yuan Mingwu and Dr. Sun Shuli from Beijing University visited the Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute (CRSRI) for academic exchanges. The purpose of the visit is to have a deep insight into the relevant research achievements in geotechnical engineering and computational mechanics, the two superiority subjects of CRSRI, and seek further cooperation opportunities. Prof. Lin Shaozhong, the vice-president of CRSRI and Prof. Wu Aiqing, the director of Key Laboratory of Geotechnical Mechanics and Engineering gave them a warm welcome. Nearly 20 researchers attended the communication meeting.
At the meeting, Pof. Yuan Mingwu made a presentation titled “Feasible line for prediction of the starting point of landslide”. The researchers of CRSRI also introduced the research results related to the geotechnical engineering and computational mechanics successively. Prof. Lin Shaozhong made a presentation titled “Hybrid programming implementation of MPI+OpenMP on multicolor SSOR-PCG”. Prof Wu Aiqing gave a report titled “Verification and application of discontinuous deformation analysis (DDA) for the block system”. Other researchers of CRSRI introduced the achievements, research progress, technical difficulties of related fields, shared the experiences in the work of computational geomechanics.
Through the acadeamic exchanges, the advantages of CRSRI in the computational geomechanics are fully displayed,  and the cooperation and exchanges with the domestic top-level research institute  are  strengthened.






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